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The Order of Saint Mary and Saint Jude (OSMSJ) is an independent religious order, a community of faith in the Anglo-Catholic Tradition dedicated to engage in acts of social services, education and evangelism in Korogocho slums, Eastlands of Nairobi, Kenya.
All our members are encouraged to engage in some kind of simple service to the needy within their location of residence. Members can be referred to as nuns in the ancient terminology or “Sisters”, as appropriate. The Sacred Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is endowed. OSMSJ possesses various unique distinctness:
The Order centers around I Corinthians 12:4-6 There is a variety of gifts but always the same Spirit; there are all sorts of service to be done, but always to the same Lord; working in all sorts of different ways in different people, it is the same God who is working in all of them.
But in areas of service; as diverse as its members: The Order allows for members who are both married and girls that are not, as well as their families who confess the Anglican or/and Catholic faith. While we recognize that there are those who feel a call to seclusion in order to focus on their prayer life, the Order feels that is an option left to the conscience of the individual.
The girls are made to understand that when they join the order there are two objectives to meet. After undergoing the whole process of training and preparation they shall need to remain faithful until one gets married in holy matrimony and thus continues being a member of the order. Otherwise the second option is to take permanent vows as a perpetual member of the order.
Members of The Order of Saint Mary and Saint Jude are to follow the Lord in simple service to others. Each member is required to be in some Christian service as the Lord moves upon their heart.